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Apr 30

Section Manager Report: March 2015

The big news is the introduction of HR-1301.  “The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015” — HR-1301 — has been introduced in the US House of Representatives. The measure would direct the FCC to extend its rules (PRB-1) relating to reasonable accommodation of Amateur Service communications to private land use restrictions. US Rep Adam Kinzinger …

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Jan 16

Local Hams win Yasme Excellence Award


Two Hawaii hams were recognized for their work in advancing amateur radio. According to the ARRL, the Yasme Foundation released its list of the latest Yasme Excellence Award winners, which included: Kimo Chun, KH7U, for 20 years of behind-the-scenes support to DXpeditions to Pacific entities — including logistics, organization, equipment, local contacts, and planning. Dick …

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Jan 29

ARRL Pacific Section Report for January 2014

This report is for December 2013 and January 2014. Happy Holidays and we hope your 2014 New Year will be great. Did you see the weather on the mainland? Lucky we live in Hawaii! This July 2014 is the ARRL Centennial convention in Hartford CT. Your SM plans on being there. Is anyone else going? …

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Sep 22

ARRL Pacific Section Report for August 2013

The following is the ARRL Pacific Section Manager report for August 2013 by Bob Schneider (AH6J). The Pacific Section webpage is here. It now contains this SM report. Each affiliated club should fill in an activities report to ARRL at least once every year. Inactive clubs need only send in an activities report to be …

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Aug 06

Hams Mobilize for Tropical Storm Flossie

Hawaii Hams Muster to Help Forecasters Track Tropical Storm Flossie Amateur Radio operators in Hawaii kept National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologists and local emergency operations centers up to date on changing conditions and power outages, as Tropical Storm Flossie pounded parts of Hawaii and Maui counties July 29-30 with heavy rain and lightning. Radio amateurs …

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Jul 24

ARRL Pacific Section Report for July 2013

The following is the ARRL Pacific Section Manager report for July 2013 by Bob Schneider (AH6J). We are sad to report Alexander “Alex” Miguel, KH6HE, 81 of Wailuku became a silent key on July 12, 2013. He was born in Kohala, Hawaii. A Korean War veteran, Alex was buried at the Maui Veteran’s Cemetery on …

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Jun 29

ARRL Pacific Section Report for June 2013

The Bill 980, Hawaii State Cellular telephone law was signed by the governor May 20. Go to Ron Hashiro’s webpages to download a copy to keep with you in case you are stopped since all police officers may not be aware of the exemption for Amateur Radio Operators.

Jun 05

ARRL Pacific Section Report for May 2013

The Hawaii Preparatory Academy (HPA) School Radio Club ARRL affiliation has been approved by the ARRL board of directors and the certificate has been mailed to the club.

May 07

HamRadioNow Visits Hawaii

From HamRadioNow: Since the early 80’s, Paul Leib KH6HME has been operating a beacon system from the 8200-foot level of the 14000-foot Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Every summer, band openings occur across 2500 miles of Pacific Ocean to the west coast of North America, and the beacons – at just …

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May 07

ARRL Pacific Section Report for April 2013

The following is the ARRL Pacific Section Manager report for April 2013 by Bob Schneider (AH6J). As was reported Last Month in the Pacific Section website preamble, we are sad to report that James Todd, KC7OKZ, age 76, passed away March 27. He was a retired Baptist pastor. He is survived by his wife Carol …

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