May 2013 archive

Makani Pahili 2013

This weekend brings Makani Pahili 2013, a weeklong scenario-driven hurricane preparation exercise coordinated by State Civil Defense and the Hawaii National Guard.

HamRadioNow Visits Hawaii

From HamRadioNow: Since the early 80’s, Paul Leib KH6HME has been operating a beacon system from the 8200-foot level of the 14000-foot Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Every summer, band openings occur across 2500 miles of Pacific Ocean to the west coast of North America, and the beacons – at just …

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ARRL Pacific Section Report for April 2013

Bob-Schneider (AH6J) | Photo Courtesy ARRL

The following is the ARRL Pacific Section Manager report for April 2013 by Bob Schneider (AH6J). As was reported Last Month in the Pacific Section website preamble, we are sad to report that James Todd, KC7OKZ, age 76, passed away March 27. He was a retired Baptist pastor. He is survived by his wife Carol …

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New Hams for April 2013

Congratulations to the newest ham radio licensees in Hawaii! April 2013: WH6EDQ — Becones, Lloyd V  (Wahiawa) WH6EDR — Eldred, Spencer C  (Pukalani) WH6EDS — Franco, Sharon E  (Haiku) WH6EDT — Johnson, Dale E  (Pukalani) WH6EDU — Steves, John V  (Haiku) WH6EDV — Valdez, Frederico  (Wailuku) WH6EDW — Dowling, Jeremy G  (Mililani) WH6EDY — Yoshida, Clairo L  (Kealakekua) WH6EDZ — Lenau, Jacab  (Kailua-Kona) WH6EEA — Yap, Eugene  (Kealakekua) WH6EEB — Gerard, Gregory M  (Captain Cook) WH6EEC — Quattrocchi, Paul  …

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