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New Hawaii Hams for June 2012

Congratulations to the newest hams in Hawaii! Based on sequential call sign assignment by the FCC as listed in the FCC ULS.

Hawaii Ham Stories: Burt Lum (WH6DZJ)

Burt Lum

Why do people become hams? We’ll try to find out. First up, Burt Lum (WH6DZJ), who went from college and public radio to ham radio.

Field Day 2012

Above, a video featuring scenes from the “Field Day” event at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, held June 23-24, 2012. The gathering was one of several across the country organized by ARRL-affiliated amateur radio clubs, this one organized by the Hawaii Emergency Amateur Radio Club (EARC). Setup began the afternoon before, and the event …

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ARRL Pacific Section Report for June 2012

Dayton Hamvention 2012 | Photo by Robert Batina (rubbertoe) on Flickr

The following is the ARRL Pacific Section Manager report for part of May and June 2012 by Bob Schneider (AH6J), republished with permission. First we must acknowledge the passing of┬áKenichi “Ken” Yamamoto (KH6ATT) at the age of 96. He was a longtime past member of BIARC in Hilo. He had been employed by the former …

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QRP in Hawaii

The following was posted to the hawaiihamradio mailing list, in response to a question from Mike (WA7YET) on doing QRP (low power, long distance contacts) in the Aloha State. Veteran ham Kimo Chun (KH7U) answered, and allowed HawaiiHam.com to republish his advice. Doing QRP from Hawaii is challenging at best. You won’t be having lots …

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Hawaii Field Day 2012

Field Day | Photo by Rich Fewell (KH6DAD)

Field Day is a contest, an emergency preparedness exercise, a public relations demonstration, a great event for clubs, and a fun way to just get on the air.

How to Become a Better Ham Radio Operator

Four special sessions are being offered Tuesday nights at McKinley Community School for Adults.

Makani Pahili 2012

Army Corps of Engineers Honolulu District

Every year, at the beginning of hurricane season, the emergency management agencies across the state participate in an annual exercise of emergency preparedness.

New Hawaii Hams for May 2012

Congratulations to the newest hams in Hawaii for the month of June 2012!