ARRL Pacific Section Report for October 2012

Bob-Schneider (AH6J) | Photo Courtesy ARRLThe following is the ARRL Pacific Section Manager report for October and early November 2012 by Bob Schneider (AH6J).

First we are sad to report the passing of Lori Sanae Kobayashi Ty (WH7JF), the wife of Eric Ty (KH6RT), on Oct. 22. The service was at Hosoi Garden Mortuary. Thanks Warren Munro (KH6WM) for the notice.

We are still studying the aftermath of the tsunami warning Saturday Oct. 27. The earthquake was in British Colombia, Canada. This means the travel time was much less then for the Japan earthquake. It appears that there were several problems not the least of which is that it happened on Saturday when most state and county offices were closed. Why can’t Mother Nature play by the rules and only have problems during the normal work week?

There were also a couple physical problems such as sirens that didn’t work. Propagation on 40 meters was poor so the HF effort moved to 75 meters. The link on the 147.04 MHz, Mauna Loa RACES machine, didn’t work so Paul Agamata (WH6FM) reprogrammed the 146.82 MHz machine, on Mauna Loa, and used the internet to connect into Honolulu. All in all it showed why Amateur Radio is so valuable because of its ability to be flexible when problems happen. It also shows why training is so valuable. Your SM was out of position when first notified so
Harvey Motomura (AH6JA) went to Hawaii county CD.

The Honolulu effort was very extensive. To see the details go to either Ron Hashiro’s webpage or read the story he sent to ARRL in the ARRL webpages.

Your SM went to the National Convention in Santa Clara on Oct. 12 to 14. Thank you for being part of the 159,000+ ARRL members and supporting this important event. The ARRL has announced plans to hold its National Centennial Convention in Hartford, Connecticut on July 17-20, 2014. The Convention will mark 100 years of the ARRL’s founding in Hartford. ARRL President Kay Craigie (N3KN) has also announced a theme for ARRL’s Centennial year: “Advancing the Art and Science of Radio — since 1914.”

On Saturday Oct. 27 the Big Island Hamfest was held in Keaau. It was very successful. BIARC was the lead club this year. In the past the event was held in Waimea but this year we were at the Keaau Community Center. Next year the lead club will be Kona Amateur Radio Society. They have not announced the venue or date for next year’s event yet however it usually is later in October.

It’s Election time for Officers of the various clubs. It is also time to pay next year’s dues.

The Kauai ARC announced that President will again be Randy Blake (WH7ZI), VP is John Montalbano, (KH6JMM), Secretary is Richard Olsen (KH6DO) and Treasurer is Robert Anderson (KH6AS).

Big Island ARC elected President Barbara Darling (NH7FY), Vice President Doug Wilson (KH7DQ), Secretary Leigh Critchlow (WH6DZX) and Treasurer Milt Nodacker (AH6I).

EARC in Honolulu announced President Wayne Greenleaf (KH6MEI), Vice President Chris Colquhoun (NH7QH), Secretary Gloria Hall (KH6GLO), and Treasurer Steve Hall (NH7ZD).

KARC (Koolau) officers for 2012-2013 are President Kimo Chun (KH7U), Vice President Kevin Bogan (AH6QO), Treasurer Al Kaopuiki (AH6PT), and Secretary Mike Tuggle (WY3B).

MARC (Maui) officers for next year are President Diane Bryant (KH6PO), Vice President Joe Bommarito (AH6RQ), Secretary Kent Carlson (KH6CJJ) and Treasurer Steve Tenney (KH7SWT).

KARC (Kauai) will be supporting the “Turkey Trot” on Friday Nov. 23 and license exams on Nov. 24.

A number of members with an interest in the EMCOM network have asked how to get the instant messaging notifying of hurricanes, earthquakes, and/or tsunamis. These SMS and e-mail notifications are the first alert for emergency responders and are used by our Emergency Coordinators, Civil Defense, the ARES network, and most first responders.

Here are the links to access the services:

Thanks to Elaine Albertson (AH6TA) for the Kauai information and links for EMCOM.

Just a reminder the Maui RACES repeater on 147.02+ MHz now requires a sub-audible tone of 103.5 Hz for access. This was effective March 13.

Please check the December issue of QST for an interview with Laura Smith at the FCC regarding the status of Amateur Radio enforcement today on pages 59 and 60. As you know, QST is now available on line for members. To make it even better they have an app available so that members with Apple iOS mobile devices which are iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can now download it. This free app is available to ARRL members in the Apple App Store. This is only available to ARRL members that have registered. Further instructions are in the news article.

At this time the app is only available for Apple iOS devices. It may be available using the web browser for other devices. This is a vast improvement from when before it could take over one month for QST to arrive by mail.

Now that QST is online for members, the problem of timely access to current information in QST has gone away. The best deal (especially for a younger person) is the lifetime membership. Your SM is a life member and it is one of the best investments he made. The annual dues of $39 a year may seem a little steep but it is not just for the magazine. There is a very long list of benefits beside QST.

One of the most valuable (and expensive) is the advocacy and information available in CC&R cases. Over restrictive CC&R’s are by far the most serious threat to Amateur Radio survival. Your ARRL membership helps ARRL get reasonable laws considered with a legal staff. The ARRL has already submitted a detailed and lengthy response to the FCC in answer to the congressional mandate that the FCC study things that inhibit emergency communications. The ARRL continues to be a watchdog for detrimental legislation in all 50 states. With this in mind the $39 a year membership fee is dirt cheap for the benefits received. It could also mean the survival of Amateur Radio as we know it. Please join today.

As of now there are only 159,010 members of ARRL. There are 705,512 Hams in the USA. That means only 22.5% of hams are ARRL members. With more members we could do so much more. ARRL is a 501(c)3 organization.

Below are a few websites for clubs in the Pacific Section of ARRL:


Bob Schneider (AH6J)
ARRL Pacific Section Manager
ARRL – The National Association for Amateur Radio

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