EARC Field Day Review

Wayne Greenleaf (KH6MEI)EARC Hawaii President Wayne Greenleaf (KH6MEI) posted the following to the WH6CZB mailing list:

Aloha Members,

Field Day 2012 was an outstanding success! Thanks to many of you who made it possible to put on this event, from the 25 plus members who showed up Friday afternoon at 4 pm to help set up to the 75 plus members and hams who just came down to support us throughout the day Saturday, to the spouses who put up with us and ran around getting things for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Let us not forget the support of the University of Hawaii, Dave (WH6DSL) and Jimmy (WH7MW) for their support and assistance to make this the best in town field day in a while.

The two HF antennas provided by Fred (KH6ZX) and Randy (KH6IB) worked perfectly. Contacts were made into Europe and across the US and Canada during Field day. The site turned out to be a good HF spot. We’d like to say thank you to Eric (KH6RT) for the Icom 756 hf radio and ICOM America for the use of the ICOM 9100 hf radio for field day. Stacy (KH6OWL) brought out his Satellite antenna and radio making two satellite contacts and the guys who brought out the MESH network setup that was very interesting.

Congratulations to everyone who tested at field day and passed their tech exam or upgraded, Great Job!

Again, Thank you all of you for supporting the club and this event, I am always humbled by all of you.



Check out a video of EARC Hawaii Field Day 2012!

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