Why ham radio?

In an age of nearly ubiquitous connectivity, what’s the value of amateur radio?

  • Why Do I Need a License?
    Hawaii’s own Keith Higa (WH7GG) writes: “With the proper equipment you can receive or transmit at any frequency within these amateur bands. With this greater latitude comes greater responsibility, however.”
  • Amateur Radio: The Obsolete Heroes
    Richard Bateman writes: “You aren’t too young to get a license. You aren’t too cool to help people. You aren’t too poor to get involved. You aren’t too busy to make a difference. Ham Radio isn’t the past; it’s the future.”
  • Why You Should Get Your Ham Radio License?
    “If you are hooked into ham radio you’ll be in the know. The information you learn using a ham radio during a crisis situation could be invaluable.”
  • Why Ham Radio?
    Johnny Glance from the American Preppers Network writes: “There is an old saying, when all else fails ham radio gets through.”
  • 9/11/01: This Is Not A Test
    “Amateur Radio operators mobilized within minutes of thefirst attack on the World Trade Center, then responded magnificently in the Washington, DC, area and Pennsylvania.”

Getting Started

Joining the ham ranks and upgrading your license.

  • How Do I Become a Ham?
    Hawaii’s own Keith Higa (WH7GG) writes: “It’s not as hard as you think. Give yourself several weeks if you’re doing it by yourself, and learn a few questions a day. In about a month you’ll have most of the questions under your belt.”
  • Getting Started in Amateur Radio
    Information and links from Hawaii’s own Ron Hashiro (AH6RH) to “guide you in your quest for that coveted license.”
  • ARRL Licensing, Education & Training
    Get the information you need to get started: find a class or study materials and prepare for your licensing exam.
    Amateur radio education website by Joe Speroni, includding the Ham Academy app and Morse Academy app.
    Ham radio education and exam prep materials, inclidng practice examps, manuals, study guides, and more.

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